Sensory Friendly Practice

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The Practice has created a sensory-friendly consultation room which includes dimmable lights, black-out blinds, muted colors, appropriate equipment and resources to support our patients with sensory needs.  The sensory room is equipped with sensory toys, headphones and communication aids to provide a calmer place to wait and have their consultation. 

In addition to the new sensory room, we have made further adjustments to the waiting room which also now has dimmable lights, black out blinds, additional signage and posters informing patients of the available resources. 

One of the keys to making reasonable adjustments is ensuring the environment is appropriate, accessible and adjusted to meet the patient’s needs.  Therefore addition to the environmental changes to the Practice, all staff have undertaken additional training to learn more about sensory needs and how we can further offer support by making reasonable adjustments.   

We would love to hear from our patients so we can help you have a more  sensory-friendly experience.

Please get in touch either by the contact form or by calling the Practice and talking to one of the team.